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54i:gnite [100 km/h]

Configuring your 54i:gnite

100 km/h
Paint Color
Magnolia White
Seat Color
Granite Black
Footboard & Legroom Color
Granite Black
Number of Batteries
2 Batteries (3 kWh)
Braking System
Sport Tires
HiPower LED
Aluminium Bag Holder


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Product number: 54IG_99.1
Product information "54i:gnite [100 km/h]"
The model 54i:gnite is our most powerful E-Scooter model: With 100 km/h  max. speed there are no limits to the ultimate riding experience! Whether you drive on a country road or the motorway - our sports model offers all possibilities. Yet no matter the speed: The Kumpan 54i:gnite drives  quietly and without producing any CO-2 emissions.
Our sports model guarantees a phenomenal driving experience, comes with innovative technology and a number of other refinements, such as standard CBS, new sports tires, 7 kW engine power, 7'' touch display and much more.

Performance Data:
  • Power: 7 kW 
  • Speed: 100 km/h 
  • Ø range: 80 km (with three batteries inserted) 
  • Max. Range: Up to 110 km (under optimal test conditions)  
  • Battery: Up to 3 removable lithium-ion batteries, 51 V, 28.5 Ah, 1.5 kWh/battery (no memory effect), charging option on battery  
  • Charger: 6A, charging time: up to 4 hours 
  • Consumption: approx. 0,99 € per 100 km 
  • Motor: Low maintenance, brushless wheel hub motor: 12"
  • Brakes: CBS-System, Hydraulic disc brake, 195 mm front, 185 mm rear (2 pistons front / 1 piston rear), energy recovery (recuperation) during braking  
  • Rims: aluminium, 12" x 2.75 front, 12" x 3.5 rear  
  • Frame: Tubular steel frame 
  • Front suspension: Hydraulic telescopic fork 
  •  Rear suspension: 2 spring struts with adjustable spring tension
  •  Power transmission: Direct via wheel hub motor 
  • Diagnostic interface: CAN bus, BLE, GSM, remote software maintenance possible  
  • Lighting: HiPower LED lighting (front headlights, indicators, rear light and brake light) 
  • Empty weight: 82 kg 
  • Weight per battery: 10 kg  
  • Weight with 3 batteries: 112 kg 
  • Permissible total weight: 280 kg
  •  Max. additional load: 180 kg
  • Length: 1950 mm
  • Width (without mirror): 730 mm 
  • Height (without mirror): 1215 mm 
  • Seat height: 800 mm 
  • Wheelbase: 1354 mm 
  • Distance above floor: 200 mm
  • 12 Volt socket
  • Keyless-Start Technology  
  • Glove box and other storage compartments with push-to-open function 
  •  Interface for connection with Smartphone  
  • 4 selectable driving modes: Rain, Sport, Eco, Comfort
  • 3 battery slots, including 3 slots with battery connections  
  • 2 batteries as standard
  • Forged aluminium bag hook 
  • 7" TFT touch display
  • Can also be operated via the control pad 
General characteristics:
  • Compulsory insurance: Yes
  • StVZO compliant: Yes
  • Authorisation requirement: Yes
  • Driving licence requirement: Up to 100 km/h: Motorcycle driving licence (class A1 or 1b, class 3 if you obtained your driving licence before 01.04.1980)
  • Compulsory wearing of a helmet: Yes
  • Scope of delivery: 2 batteries, charger, operating instructions

Footboard & Legroom Color: Granite Black, Aurora Red, Mahagony Brown
Paint Color: Magnolia White, Baccara Black, Accent Yellow, Lava Grey, Azur Blue
Seat Color: Granite Black, Aurora Red, Mahagony Brown
Tires: Sport Tires
Speed: 100 km/h
Number of Batteries: 2 Batteries (3 kWh), 3 Batteries (4,5 kWh)
Braking System: CBS
Frontlight: HiPower LED
Aluminium Bag Holder: Yes
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