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Batterie "Power pack 2.0"


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Product number: 54RI_2007
Product information "Batterie "Power pack 2.0""
Our  batteries (we call them "Kraftpakete" which means "power packs") are nothing less than the heart of our E-Scooters! In all scooter models - whether 54i:nspire, 54i:conic, 54i:mpulse or 54i:gnite - there is room for up to 3 batteries at a time.
With one battery, you can travel an average of 45 kilometres. When it is empty, you can simply remove it from the scooter and charge it at home (any household plug will work). Our power packs manage to jump from 20 to 80 percent in under three hours. It takes about four and a half hours to fully charge an empty power pack.
With our Kumpan 54i:conic, 54i:mpulse and 54i:gnite models, you also have the option of simply leaving the power packs in the scooter, charging them via an external socket or in your garage on the front flap. 
(Lithium-ion battery, 51 V, 28.5 Ah, 1.5 kWh/ battery (no memory effect))
Compatible with the Kumpan e-scooters of the series "1954 Ri" and "54i".
If you have further questions on the batteries, don't hesitate to contact us any time - we're happy to help!
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